Creating a European
Media Technology

Creating a European Media Technology

The Avemio Group is the leading system supplier in the German-speaking market for hardware and software in the areas of film technology, broadcast, professional audio and video solutions.

Twelve individual companies employ around 200 qualified employees at ten locations in Germany and Austria. They generate annual sales of approx. 100 million euros.

It succeeded in consolidating the German-speaking retail landscape in 30 years under its own steam. The IPO is intended to support the company’s international expansion and transformation into a media technology group.

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Trading group for
professional media technology

Trading group for professional media technology

The Avemio Group is by far the largest supplier of professional film and television technology in the German-speaking B2B retail sector. Group sales have increased by an average of 23% p.a. over the past ten years to more than € 100 million – since 2017, it has been possible to unite all major competitors in Germany and Austria under one umbrella company.

The industry in Europe is national in scope, i.e. there is no multinational commercial retailer. With the IPO at the beginning of 2023, Avemio AG intends to grow internationally through a large number of existing targets. As part of a buy-and-build strategy, the aim is to consolidate the highly fragmented European retail landscape. At the same time, the Group is to be transformed into an IT/KI-driven media technology group.


€ 104.8 M


€4.1 M

EBITDA margin

€ 3.9 %

Annual Income

€ 2.0 M

Gross Margin

18.4 %

Earnings per share

€ 0.51

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